Model DC1500 Chlorine (Free & Total) Colorimeter Lab - Liquid Reagents

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The 1500 Series of single test, direct reading colorimeters incorporates design advances that enhance reliability, improve accuracy, and simplify the calibration process, all in a portable, hand-held package.

Available in both DPD tablet (Order Code 3240) and liquid (Order Code 3240-LI) reagent systems.

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  • Field & Lab Use: USB cable and wall adapter included; car charger optional
  • Rechargeable battery: No need to buy batteries again
  • EPA Compliant: Uses proper wavelength and DPD test method to meet EPA design specifications for NPDWR and NPDES chlorine monitoring programs (EPA 330.5 and Standard Method 4500)
  • 0-4 ppm Chlorine: No need to select a low or high range. The DC1500 covers the entire critical chlorine range of 0-4 ppm with an MDL of 0.03 ppm.
  • A Great Value: Complete, economical package! The DC1500 Chlorine Colorimeter Kit includes tablets for 100 tests or liquid reagents for 140 tests, six sample vials, and a sturdy carrying case.
  • IP67 Waterproof Design: Designed with excessive exposure to moisture in mind, the DC1500 colorimeter delivers trouble-free performance
  • Bold, backlit display
  • European CE Mark
  • USB port

Model DC1500 Series Chlorine (Free & Total) Colorimeter

Test Factor: Chlorine (Free & Total)
Range: 0–4.0
Detection Limit: 0.05
Test Method: DPD Liquid
# of Reagents: 3
# of Tests: 140


Model DC1500 Series Single Test Colorimeter

Instrument Type: Single wavelength, direct-reading colorimeter
Readout: 160 x 100 backlit LCD, 20 x 6 line graphical
Wavelength Accuracy: ±2% FS
Wavelength Bandwidth: 10 nm typical
Light Sources: LED
Detector: Silicon photodiode with integrated interference filter
Modes: Pre-programmed test, absorbance, %T
Languages: English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Italian,
Sample Chamber: Accepts 25mm diameter flat-bottom, screwcap tubes (6 included)
Interface: Mini USB port
Power: Lithium ion rechargeable battery, 3.7v, 2.5 x .75
Battery: Charge Life: Approx. 380 tests with backlight
Battery Life: Approx. 500 charges
Auto Shut-off: Disabled, 5, 10, 50 minutes
Size (LxWxH): 17 x 16 x 9 cm; 6.9 x 3.25 x 2.5 inches

Ship Code: (R1) Small Quantity Hazardous Material - No Fees Applicable

Ship Weight in lbs.: 6

Model DC1500 Chlorine (Free & Total) Colorimeter Lab

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Model DC1500 Chlorine (Free & Total) Colorimeter Lab Reagent Refill R-3240-LI
USB Cable, 3' 1720
USB Wall Adapter 1721
Replacement Tubes 0290-6