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WaterLink® Solutions™ Home puts powerful, prescriptive water analysis in your hand.

For the DIY homeowner looking to take water analysis to next level, WaterLink® Solutions™ Home is a fully featured, powerful water analysis app. Based on our professional grade WaterLink® Solutions™ Pro software, WaterLink® Solutions™ Home provides only the features you need without sacrificing any of the power.

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Analysis for Pools and Spas

Create and store up to three pools or spas. Water tests produce detailed, step-by-step treatment recommendations tailored to your water. Every historical test is saved in your free account, with helpful charts and graphs for easy data analysis.

Amazing Supported Test Methods

WaterLink® Solutions™ Home offers three incredible testing methods for submitting test results.

  • Photo-scan Insta-TEST® Strips and other supported test strips
  • The ColorQ2x Photometer
  • The industry leading WaterLink® SpinTouch®


Customize the chemicals and dosage rates based on the products you use to treat your water.


The Homelinks feature allows WaterLink® Solutions™ Home Users to connect with WaterLink® Solutions™ Pro accounts. This allows Home users to stay in touch with their local pool and spa professional. When connected to a Pro account, Home users can utilize the treatment profiles and chemicals from their local pool and spa professional, receiving treatment recommendations based on chemicals sold at their local shop. Pro users can monitor Home user testing in real time.

Absolutely Free!

WaterLink® Solutions™ Home is absolutely free to use. Simply download the app and create a free account to get started.

Available here for iOS and Android.