Total Chlorine TRACER PockeTester™

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The Total Chlorine TRACER PockeTester™ designed to measure from 0 to 9.99 ppm with an accuracy of 10% and resolution of 0.01 ppm. The user would just place a Total Chlorine TRACER tablet (code 7044A) into sample cup to measure this test.
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  • Use the meter to test pH and ORP with interchangeable flat surface sensors. The most versatile PockeTester™ ever!
  • Read Total Chlorine from 0.00-9.99 ppm to 0.01 ppm resolution
  • Readings are not affected by sample color or turbidity
  • Automatic self calibration
  • Extra bold display includes an analog bar graph feature
  • Memory can store up to 15 readings
  • Chlorine and pH modes also display sample temperature
  • Meter identifies which probe is in use and retains calibrations
  • Automatic shut-off and Low Battery indicator; uses four LR-44 batteries
  • Includes 100 reagent tablets at almost half the price of similar Chlorine ISE reagents
  • Follows EPA protocol for ISE methods
Test Factors Range Resolution Accuracy
Total Chlorine 0 to 9.99 ppm 0.01 ppm 10%
Item Description Order Code
Chlorine Test Tablets (100 pack) 7044A-J
Weighted Stand with five 20 mL Sample Cups 1746
24 Sample Cups with Caps 1745
Sample Cup with Cap 1745-1


Optional Tracer Probes

Item Description Range Order Code
pH Probe 0-14.00/±0.01 pH 1733
ORP probe ±999mV/±4mV 1734
Cl2 probe 0-10.00/±10% of reading 1732
Instructions (397.22 kB)