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LaMotte Model AT-Q and AT Visual series outfits are the most popular and effective sales tools for on-site demonstrations. The tests clearly demonstrate the benefits between untreated and treated water. 

  • Digital versions
  • Rugged case with locks
  • Fast & simple tests
  • More custom options
  • Competitive pricing

AT-Q Digital Test Kit with DuoSoft Demonstration Water Softener (Order Code 1022-FLD)

Test Factor Range Resolution # of Tests
Hardness 1-41 gpg* 1 gpg 140
pH 5-9 0.5 pH 70
Iron 0-3.0 ppm* 0.5 50
Nitrate 0-25 1 ppm 50
Free & Total Chlorine 0-10 ppm 0.2 ppm 50
Sulfide 0-3.0 ppm* 0.2 ppm 120
Precipitation Before/After 100
Soap Consumption Before/After 100

* Higher Concentrations by dilution; instructions included.

Item Description Order Code
Salt, TDS, Temperature TRACER PockeTester Meter 1749
Model S Demonstration Water Softener1002
DuoSoft Demonstration Water Softener (Shipped Empty)1022
DuoSoft Demonstration Water Softener1022-FLD
DirectFlo Softener Demonstration Water Softener1026
DirectFlo DuoSoft Demonstration Water Softener1028
Instructions (2.14 MB)