Tapwater Tour®

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What’s coming out of your tap?

The newly updated electronic version of our ever popular Tapwater Tour® is a classroom investigation of how and why the characteristics of tap water can vary and affect every day activities. After reviewing background material about pH, chlorine, hardness, copper, and iron, students work independently and in teams to test their own tap water samples with simple TestTabs® reagent tablets. Students use observations and analyze shared data from the hands-on activities to explore water quality.

Grades 4-8

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Activities can be modified to fit specific curriculum needs or learning opportunities. Data sheets and puzzles for each unit can be printed or filled electronically by students using a computer or tablet. Includes Instructor Manual, Student Manual with data sheets and puzzles, classroom color chart, and reagents and sample test bags for 50 students.

  • Instructor Manual with everything you need from background information and setting up the classroom to a shopping list for everyday items
  • Student Manual including test procedure, data sheets, and puzzles
  • Students work in groups and individually
  • Encourages critical thinking and active learning
  • Flipped learning: Students can read background material before the lesson and apply knowledge to analyze their own classroom data
  • Works on computer or tablet
  • Great for inclusion classrooms


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