POOL MGR. Tablet Series Kit, Model PM-51

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The special rugged POOL MGR. kit series is for the public pool operator and service professional. The precise Octa-Slide 2 comparator system is used to comply with regulatory standards.
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Includes 2 Octa-Slide color bars with 8 translucent color standards for Chlorine and pH. The POOL MGR. Tablet Series titrations for Alkalinity and Hardness, use a single tablet added to a test sample to develop a color. Sample water is added until an endpoint color change occurs. Results are read directly from the vial in ppm. The Cyanuric Acid test tablets are available in the 3368 POOL MGR. Series kits. A cloudy precipitate develops and results are measured by the disappearing dot method. A 50-page reference manual for entry level lifeguards and service personnel is included with information on water balance, sanitizers, dosage charts and testing. The POOL MGR. series also includes diagrammed instructions and saturation index calculator in a tough, blow-molded carrying case.

Test Factor Range # of Tests
Free Chlorine 0.2-3.0 ppm 50
Total Chlorine 0.2-3.0 ppm 50
pH 6.8-8.2 50
Total Alkalinity 40-600 ppm 20
Calcium Hardness 40-600 ppm 20
Acid Demand Calculation Calculation from Alkalinity Test Results
Cyanuric Acid 0-100 ppm 20

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