2008 Turbidity Meter Trouble Shooting Guide

Cannot adjust meter to read value of standards.

Check age of AMCO standards. Nine month maximum shelf life once seal has been broken. Check for contamination of standards - dust particles, etc. ADDITIONAL OPTION - Apply a tiny drop of silicone oil to a lint free tissue. Wipe test vial gently with tissue to apply a thin coat. This will fill in non-visible imperfections and scratches in test vial. If silicone oil is used, always wash test vials off thoroughly with soap and water after testing.

No display when meter is turned on

Turn to OFF position. Plug in meter to wall and let sit overnight plugged in. Next morning, turn to Recharge Battery and let sit until red light goes out.

Green light does not come on

Make sure test vial is pushed all the way down in chamber to trigger the lamp activator. Lamp may be burned out.

Meter display shows: 1__ on sample

Indicates sample is over-range. Switch to higher range, or dilute the sample.

Readings unstable

Try recharging battery. Make sure no air bubbles are present in test sample. Make sure test vials are clean.

Difficulty in attaining repeatability of test results

Index test vials by marking lid of vial. Always orient test vial in the same position for each test.

NOTE: Always make sure test vials are clean and scratch free. Use code #1778 for international 2008 adaptor.


Recharging the Battery

The Model 2008 Turbidity Meter is supplied with Ni-Cad rechargeable batteries. These batteries can be recharged, but can only be replaced by LaMotte personnel. Attempting to replace the batteries yourself will void the warranty. A small indicator will appear on the left side of the display when the batteries need to be recharged.

Connect AC adapter to the Model 2008

Set selection knob to CHARGE BATTERY. The red LED will light, indicating the batteries are recharging. NOTE: Measurements can be made while the batteries are recharging.

The batteries will be completely recharged in approximately 4.5 hours. The red LED will extinguish when the batteries are recharged.

If there is no display when the selector knob is switched to 0-20 or 0-200, the battery has no charge. Plug in the adapter, switch the selector knob to “OFF”, and leave the meter plugged in overnight. The battery can be recharged using the above procedure.

Replacing the Batteries

When the batteries are no longer able to hold a charge, return the instrument to LaMotte Company for new batteries. Replacing the batteries yourself voids the meter warranty.

Replacing the Lamp

The tungsten lamp included with the Model 2008 will last approximately 45,000 hours. If you suspect the lamp is dimming, insert a clean empty sample tube into the chamber. If the display is unstable, the lamp needs to be replaced. Call LaMotte Company for a return authorization number to have the lamp replaced.