1. Fill the titration tube to the specified line with the water sample.
  2. Add the reagents as specified in the instruction for the individual test method.
  3. Cap the tube with the special titration tube cap. Mix by swirling gently.
  4. Depress the plunger of the Titrator.
  5. Insert the adapter tip into the special plastic plug in the titrating solution bottle.
  6. Invert the bottle. Hold the bottle and the Titrator firmly together. Slowly pull out the plunger until the large ring on the plunger is opposite the zero (0) line on the scale.
  7. If an air bubble appears in the Titrator barrel or the adapter tip, partially fill the barrel and pump the titration solution back into the inverted reagent bottle to expel the bubble.
    NOTE: When filling the Titrator from a container without a special plug, submerge the adapter tip below the surface of the solution and pull out the plunger. Remove air bubbles.
  8. Turn the bottle right side up and remove the Titrator.
  9. Insert the adapter tip into the opening in the titrator tube cap. Slowly depress the plunger to dispense the titrating solution. Gently swirl the tube to mix the solution.
  10. Continue adding the titrating solution until the specified color change occurs. If the color change does not occur when the large ring on the plunger reaches the bottom of the scale, refill the Titrator to the zero line. Continue the titration until the color change occurs.
  11. Read the test result directly from the scale where the large ring on the Titrator meets the Titrator barrel. If the Titrator was refilled to reach the final color change, add the total amounts of titrant used to determine the final test result.
  12. If no additional tests are to be made, discard the remaining titrating solution in the Titrator. Do not return the titrating solution to the reagent bottle. Thoroughly rinse the titration tube and the Titrator. Do not remove the plunger or the adapter tip from the Titrator.