Environmental Science Education

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Check Out These Websites!

Hey Teachers and Students - Check-out some of these Websites for additional information and activities for the study of watersoil, and air


www.globe.gov Global Learning and Observation to Benefit the Environment
www.earthforce.org GREEN Program (Global Rivers Environmental Education Network
www.stroudcenter.org Visit Stroud Water Research Center
www.montana.edu/wwwwet Project WET - Water Education for Teachers
www.nwf.org National Wildlife Federation. Education and action to keep the wild wild in our world.
www.sciserv.org Science Service Dedicated to advancing public awareness of science.
www.nsta.org National Science Teachers Association. Promoting excellence and innovation in science teaching and learning.
www.wef.org Water Environment Federation. Elementary, secondary, and college/University teacher sites.
www.eelink.net Link to environmental education resources on the internet.
www.epa.gov/enviroed EPA environmental education.
www.usda.gov Ag in the classroom, kid's corner, plants, crops, soils, gardening, etc.
www.usgs.gov/education K-12 education and exploration about how biology, geology, and hydrology can help understand our changing world.
www.epa.gov/kids EPA Explorer's Club, fun things to do learning about water, air, plants, animals, recycling, etc.
www.epa.gov/students EPA student center considers air, water, environmental issues, etc.
www.epa.gov/teachers EPA's Environmental Education Center. Curriculum resources, workshops, conferences, grants, contacts and other links.
www.epa.gov/surf Surf your watershed! Learn facts about your local watershed.
www.epa.gov/owow/monitoring/vol.html Volunteer Monitoring Homepage provides electronic versions of many EPA volunteer methods, manuals, brochures, etc.
www.yosemite.epa.gov/water/volmon.nsf National Directory of Volunteer Monitoring Programs Homepage
www.epa.gov/owow/wetlands Wetlands restoration information
www.environmentalscience.org This web site offers a wealth of information for those students who may be considering environmental science careers.
environmentalsciencedegree.org/degrees/ Environmental Science Degrees focus is helping students research higher education and labor trends in the green energy & environmental policy sectors.